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Our Man in Berlin - Final Show (Amplifier Bar)

The Peppermint Club - Support Our Man in Berlin's Final Show at Amplifier Bar
Amplifier Bar

Our Man in Berlin
Ah Trees
Angus Dawson
The Peppermint Club

We have decided to call it a day. Blood, sweat, tears, and being poor for too many years. All worth it to make music that we love and are proud of. A massive thank you to all who have supported us over the years. It's been a beautiful experience to have people enjoy our music. Please come and party with us one last time at one of our favourite venues. With the help of some of our favourite perth acts.

Cost: $10 Pre-sales / $15 Door-sales
You can roll your own waaaay!!... Roll your own way...

The Peppermint Club - Gold Champagne Single Launch

The Peppermint Club - Gold Champagne Single Launch
Babushka, Leederville

Reuben De Melo
Golden String
Kaurna Cronin
The Peppermint Club

Friday the 28th of October, The Peppermint Club will take the stage at Babushka to showcase their new single 'Gold Champagne'. Joined by a star-studded lineup featuring the amazing pipes of Reuben De Melo whose latest EP was recorded and produced by Chris Chen of The Peppermint Club, the silky sounds of dream pop duo Golden String and Adelaide-based folk-aficionado Kaurna Cronin as a part of his 'Southern Loss' tour.

Cost: $10 Pre-sales / $15 Door-sales
You can roll your own waaaay!!... Roll your own way...

Cub Sport Nation Tour

The Peppermint Club support Cub Sport on Nation Tour
Click Here for a Gig Review by Ink Grid
Jimmy's Den, Northbridge

Cub Sport
Bec Sandridge
The Peppermint Club

Beloved Brisbane indie-pop crew Cub Sport may have only just wrapped a national tour in support of their excellent debut album, This Is Our Vice, but that doesn't mean they can't turn around and get right back out there — and, in fact, that's exactly what they're doing.

Bearing in mind their younger fans, Cub Sport's impending tour includes a handful of under-18s performances — one each in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney — as they make their way through stops in Adelaide, Perth and the east-coast state capitals from a month tomorrow, kicking off 21 October.

The fact they have a double-header lined up in Melbourne will come as welcome news from fans in the city who attended their commendable but ill-fated recent showing at Northcote Social Club, which was brought to an unfortunate and premature end after frontman Tim Nelson fell victim to sickness.

Given their next outing will be their biggest headline tour to date, it's safe to say he's probably been chowing vitamins since as he and his band-mates look to put a comprehensive exclamation point on what has been an objectively wild and successful past year.

"2016 has been a really exciting year for Cubbies," the band effused in a joint statement. "With two months playing overseas then coming home to our first-ever sold-out national tour, we've been blown away by the amount of love and encouragement we've received.

"When we were making This Is Our Vice, we just wanted it to be genuine and hoped that it would connect with people in a meaningful way. Getting to know our listeners (on the internet and IRL at shows) and hearing firsthand what the album means for them has been amazing — it's more special than we could have hoped for.

"We can't wait to get back on the road! This time around we're stoked to be hitting Perth and doing a few under-18 shows as well!"

Tickets for all shows are on sale now, with the exception of Brisbane's 18+ gig at The Brightside on Thursday 10 November (on sale 3 October).

Celebrated singer-songwriter Bec Sandridge will be aboard as support for all gigs except Brisbane's under-18s gig at The Brightside on Saturday 12 November.

You can roll your own waaaay!!... Roll your own way...

Kamp Koasis Presents "Get Fingered!"

The Peppermint Club perform at Get Fingered!
MANY6160 BASEMENT - Success Art Space, Fremantle

It is official and you heard it here first. The Great Cosmetic Depression is over and with no shortage of supply it is time to hit your closest cosmetic dispensary, apply a tragic amount of makeup and turn those gowns and frowns upside down. We want to see your most outrageous, mind boggling and tragic outfits so guys grab your girls and girls help your guys. Following on from the most outlandish, grotesque and highly successful annual party FrEaK ShoW. Kamp Koasis, are proud to formally invite you to "GET FINGERED" our mid-year extravaganza of Tragic. Drag. Good Times. Once again our highly professional crew of trash bags have put together a tantalising array of Perth’s most tragic local bands and DJs, cabaret, burlesque, local artists, circus performers and a load of other fun activities. This highly contrived event is a peep show for your fingers, an orgasm for your eyes and sweet, sweet love for the ear drums.

THE THEME is CLUB KIDS and the intent is to look tragic! There is no guidelines or particulars, “If you feel like a troll then you should look like a troll.” We recommend watching the movie Party Monster, not only is it amazing but it will give you all the ideas you need for your outfit.
TOO HARD? Do not fear we will have professionals at the venue painting peoples faces to make sure everyone is suitably tragic.
WHERE IS IT? We are proud to be partnering with the amazing crew at Success Basement who have allowed us to be the first to utilise their amazing space for a music event.
**This is a 18+ Fully Licensed Event. No BYO Alcohol.**
TICKETS: $30 or $40 on the door.
Tickets are available from: or

What's on the bar?!
1. Barrow Boys Pale Ale
2. Colonial Small Ale
3. Emu Export
4. Apple Cider
5. House Red
6. Club Matè + Vodka
Plus Soft Drinks and Water.

The Bands

A personal favorite and admittedly we just wanted to see them perform in some messed up outfits HIDEOUS SUN DEMON, are ready to give you a highly energetic fingering. Described by Andrew Ryan of CoolPerthNights as "gutter punk rock driven at times with a psyche kraut groove like that of King Crimson &nspb; at other moments with a psycho-billy flare like that of The Cramps". We are excited these F-Town larrikins will be tearing it up while GETTING FINGERED with us. Find them on Facebook: Check out there music:

POW! NEGRO (Hip-Hop/Jazz/Rock)

Fun, energetic and just damn right BAD ASS, new kids on the block POW! NEGRO do not look outside their comfort zone but hopefully we can change that. Coming off the back of a flurry of huge support slots we are please to have the F-TOWN lads come down, jump around and GET FINGERED with us as we all add the misadventures of the young Mother F***ERS of POW! NEGRO. Find them on Facebook: Listen &nsp; kick out the jams:


Cheer up your Dad... And rinse off your Daughter... Coz Bowzer bout to make you question your life choices, with a voice that'll leave your Wife moister than live oysters... With his Dirty Girls &nspb; Sad Dads EP set to debut on the 20th of May at The Odd Fellow and last years “Meat” music video receiving 11,000 views. Busy Bowzer has his fingers in everything. Sexually charged, eager, a rap magician unleashing grooves that convert age old lesbians and spitting lyrics that have you regretting waking up next to him. Find him on Facebook:


Warming up the band stage we are very excited to have new kids on the block PEPPERMINT CLOUD CLUB. Oozing you into the night with some dreamy pop sounds PEPPERMINT CLOUD CLUB are worth getting down early for. After being confined to his bedroom from an injury, multi-instrumentalist Chris Chen (Ex-Rainy Day Women) could do nothing more than sit in his bedroom and create... And create he did. Playing, Recording and Mixing all the instruments and tracks himself Chris Chen will be assembling a team of musicians to show case his new Album. Find him on Facebook: Listen and dream away:

LAST QUOKKA (Proto-Punk)

Coming fresh from the unkempt backyards of Freo, Joondalup, Moscow and El Salvador proto punk rockers Last Quokka are certain to have you dancing and smiling to their fun upbeat sounds. Having only formed three months ago the band are already making a name for themselves around town, playing Yardstock, all the usual bars and even the occasional loungeroom show. And with a debut EP coming out in late July there are certainly exciting times ahead for this solitary marsupial. So come down and get loose with these furry critters. There may even be a mankini or two... Find them on Facebook: Listen to them here:

WHEREISMICAH (Knuckle Cracking Broken Beats/ Double Digit House)

Who is this DJ? Don’t let my amazing naming skills fool you this man is a dance floor legend with digits so long they like, The Rockefellers bank account. Few have not been touched by MICAH, be it in a club or on your radio, this man is fingering your ear drums on the reg. MICAH, more tragic than Seth Green in Party Monster and ready to turn the party out, this man wants you to Get Fingered! Follow him on Facebook: Check out his mad shit:

CALAMARI LONG (G-Spot Finger Banging House/Tech-oh-no you didn’t)

Move over Freddy Krueger because this man’s long tentacles are set to abuse ya and leave your brain stained with…. Envy. Yes, that’s right! CALAMARI LONG is in the place and he has the bass to give you sex face like, Jeff Goldblum banging Sarah Silverman in a bathroom. New Zealand’s finest export who only listens when you say “Don’t Stop!” and with his DJ finger set to G-SPOT, CALAMARI LONG is going to make you real hot. Check his finger licking good:

SEBDUCTION (Itchy G Glitch/Phalange Busting Bass)

You go to GET FINGERED, you hit the dance floor, your legs start to shake and your knees are weak…You have succumb to SEBDUCTION. The disco wizard who leaves no itch unscratched. Relax, boogie and let his MEAN set of PHALANGES take care of that. Serving the beats that has “THAT GUY” slipping, SEBDUCTION begs you hit the dance floor and show him what he’s missing!

B-MACEIK (Electro Swing Finger)

Life has a melody. A rhythm of notes which become your existence once played at…….GET FINGERED! Hailing from Camp Alliance, B-MACIK the 8 fingered spaceman is not stranger danger he is “XXX” insane ya’ll!! Electrifying dance floors all over town this man knows how to make you get down and with a set of swinging fingers he’s the man you want to get to see ya!

SWAMI SEX (Deep Finger Funk)

This man needs no introduction. Hailing from camp…. Every where? And specialising in helping dance floor patrons work up a sweat SWAMI SEX has the DEEP FINGER FUNK to put the bad ass bump in your trunk. We are honored to have SWAMI SEX celebrating his 20th birthday GETTING FINGERED with us and you can rest assured he will be handing out vibes that have you all sipping and dishing out the bass that has your girlfriend tripping.


The Man. The Legend. Hailing from a doof near you OBI-ONEFINGER-KENOBI is all about the foreplay and not the Jedi mind games. Pumping out the jams with imperial precision this man has the force to get the whole club spinning while setting the pace with his PROXIMAL TRANCE get down early and check this man out!

La Siren

We all love Disney right? Well this unicorn babe is going to show you a whole new…….dirtier…...side of Ariel from The little Mermaid. Be sure to come see her part of the world.


There are many things Unicorns love; glitter, other fabulous Unicorns, huge sparkle dildos, glitter, boobs, glitter.... When it comes to a party Unicorns always love a Kiki. Do join us in our Kiki darlings but just watch how far you bend over, Unicorns are known to be horny...

Joey The Entertainer

Do you like a sexy confident man? one that knows how to move...while place your hands across his the music penetrates your ears and acts are performed infront of your eyes scream and cheer if you love what you are are seeing as it will then take a twist...who will be this mysterious person? ...what is gong to happeing before your eyes. A male strip tease act goes beyond the norm! We dont like norm hence why this act brings trashy flirty hot steamy sexy all under one roof....all in one act...all with one "guy" ....Joey

Smokey La Brae

Winter is here, and so is the rain. Lucky this fine lady is here to show us the saucier side of this season and that sunshine is merely just around the corner. POP!!

Miss Obscene

MissObscene, versatile alt model, freak show / fire performer, illusionist, bed of nails queen. She is going to be lounging on a bed of nails for you all in side show alley.

Plus so much more to be announced! Stay tuned for more information. This is not a party you will want to have missed.

Coming soonish....

You can roll your own waaaay!!... Roll your own way...